Corporate Philosophy


For all people around the world who are unsatisfied with the current medicines:

We continuously generate novel drug discovery technologies based on diversity of genetic information. We generate innovative therapeutic antibodies. We revolutionize the medical system.

“Interaction and interchange” are key business principles at CHIOME. A major element of our business strategy is therefore to form relationships and alliances with a large number of businesses and institutions. At CHIOME our aim is to develop a unique international service based on technology for diversifying genetic information while fostering interchange among a diverse array of people and ideas. We seek to meet the diverse needs of clinicians everywhere through masterful use of our proprietary technology.

Corporate Policy

Ethics & Transparency
We strive to be a sound, well-respected company that values human life.
Evolution & Creation
We strive to create the future through ongoing personal and corporate growth.
Chiasma & Global Exchange
We are committed to the transcendence of national and international borders.