Guide to Chiome Bioscience

Rapid development of “antibody drugs” that will revolutionize health care worldwide.

Chiome Bioscience Inc. helps drug discovery companies rapidly develop antibody drugs through exclusive programs, based on the ADLib® system. The ADLib® system is an innovative antibody generation technology that is the first in the world to employ DNA recombination.

  1. Chiome’s Goal
  2. Contributing to Antibody Drugs and Antibody Drug Discovery
  3. Strengths of the ADLib® System
  4. Business Model
  5. Chiome’s Potential by Numbers

Guide to Services

Chiome Bioscience has developed the two following programs to meet the needs of clients including drug discovery companies such as pharmaceutical companies and biotech. The programs are based on the ADLib® system, Chiome Bioscience’s drug discovery platform technology.