Guide to Chiome Bioscience

Guide to Chiome Bioscience

  • 1. Chiome’s Goal
  • 2. Contributing to Antibody Drugs and Antibody Drug Discovery
  • 3. Strengths of the ADLib® System
  • 4. Business Model
  • 5. Chiome’s Potential by Numbers

As a health care innovator pursuing drugs that are 100% effective,” Chiome Bioscience’s goal is the practical realization of the ultimate made-to-order drugs.


Countermeaseures for pandemic diseases

The emerging infectious that previously unknown by localized or expand at an explosive expansion threaten citizen’s life and safety of health.

The ultimate made-to-order medicine

It is very difficult to overcome many areas of disease with high unmet medical needs where patients are looking for new drugs to deliver value and emerging infectious that is possible to break out. Chiome Bioscience hopes to rapidly provide the optimal antibodies to individual patients and contribute to providing outstanding medical care that can not be achieved by any existing method. To that end, Chiome Bioscience’s plans include generating and selecting the optimal antibodies for manufacturing “made-to-order” drugs for those patients.