Guide to Chiome Bioscience

Guide to Chiome Bioscience

  • 1. Chiome’s Goal
  • 2. Contributing to Antibody Drugs and Antibody Drug Discovery
  • 3. Strengths of the ADLib® System
  • 4. Business Model
  • 5. Chiome’s Potential by Numbers

Chiome Bioscience performs research and development for antibody drugs, using its core technology, the ADLib® system. We work with all types of drug discovery companies inside and outside of Japan.

Chiome Bioscience Inc. promotes a variety of business activities as a drug discovery and technology oriented venture, based on our own unique technology in this field. Chiome Bioscience supports R&D on antibody drugs, using the ADLib® system, our core technology. We do this through alliances with numerous drug discovery companies(e.g., pharmaceutical companies, biotech, etc. ).

• Chiome Bioscience provides a new type of added value to major pharmaceutical manufacturer companies through two activities

Features of the Business Model

Programs centered on the ADLib® system, a unique drug discovery platform technology

Chiome Bioscience reduces our clients’ development risks from the searching at the drug discovery phase to each step of the value chain leading to postmarketing. In Chiome Bioscience’s business model, we receive upfront costs, compensation for success (milestone), and royalty.

Our business model enables us to enter contracts with multiple major drug manufacturers

Chiome Bioscience realizes a wide variety of income opportunities through non-exclusive contracts tailored to the drug discovery strategies of a wide variety of clients. This includes entering alliance contracts with multiple companies and entering multiple alliance contracts with the same company for each different target antigen.

Non-exclusive licensing out of Chiome Bioscience’s unique drug discovery platform technology

Chiome Bioscience licenses the ADLib® system through our program for licensing our platform technology.

Chiome Bioscience performs in-house R&D and maintains an antibody drug discovery system

By continuously improving the ADLib® system, Chiome Bioscience maintains a system that will contribute to achieving the ultimate health care in the future. This will include developing a new generation of drugs for pandemic diseases and discovering complete made-to-order drugs.

Relationships with Partnering Institutions

Chiome Bioscience is not only entering contracts with drug discovery companies, but is also expanding its operations by partnering with academia to obtain new targets and to achieve technical innovation.

• Chiome Bioscience’s relationships institutions