Lead Antibody Licensing

Lead Antibody Licensing

Chiome Bioscience licenses out novel therapeutic antibodies for difficult antigens.

Chiome Bioscience prepares specific antibodies against antigens for which antibodies cannot be prepared by conventional techniques and licenses them out to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Advantages for our Clients

  • Our clients can obtain therapeutic antibodies against unique antigens developed in joint research with leading academic organizations.

R&D Flow

Chiome Bioscience Inc. uses the ADLib® system to generate antibodies that will become first-in-class drug candidates independently in-house, based on targets (antigens) obtained from joint research and partnering with academic institutions such as universities and public research organizations. Chiome Bioscience then licenses these antibodies out soon after they have been confirmed to have therapeutic potential. (First-in-class antibodies are the first specific antibodies in the world for a particular antigen.)