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We are focuced on developind antibodies across our pipeline in order to address the diverse needs of the patients we serve.

Pipeline overview

Information of pipeline


Humanized anti-DLK-1 antibody
CharacteristicsExpectation for development as a therapeutic agent with little side effects
Therapeutic area Liver cancer etc.
First-in-class therapeutic antibody, targeting intractable cancers
Effect of antibody Naked LIV-1205 exhibited a noticeable inhibitory effect on tumor growth when administered alone using animal model
ADCLIV-1205 has an internalization activity


Humanized anti-TROP-2 antibody
CharacteristicsTROP-2 is over-expressed in various types of cancer cells. It can be a fascinating therapeutic target for cancer.
Therapeutic area Solid cancer
Best-in-class therapeutic antibody, targeting various cancer type
Effect of antibody Naked Potent anti-tumor activity was observed in various cancer with single-agent administration of naked antibody (LIV-2008) animal model.
ADCLIV-2008b has an internalization activity


Humanized anti-Semaphoring 3A antibody
TargetSemaphorin 3A (SEMA3A)
CharacteristicsSEMA3A is membrane axonal guidance factor that play a key role in the nervous system. SEMA3A has the repulsion activity to growth neuron, and BMAA showed inhibitory effect on this neuron axon repulsion. Expectation the drug discovery and development of the board therapeutic area (immunology, oncology and etc).