In antibody drug discovery it is crucially important how quickly and how many new and good clones are obtained, regardless which platform is employed. In this regard, the Company has access to multiple antibody generation technologies, including the ADLib® system that we developed of our own, and by leveraging the features of each technology in integrated manner, we select the best clone (antibody) in less time. By taking this, we raise the probability of successful antibody generation to put into pipeline. In addition, we have platform technology that supports a wide range of drug discovery processes, not only antibody generation technology, but also technology for protein processing of such as antibody and antigen in high purity, humanization and affinity maturation, and skills and know-how for pharmacological study. We possess sufficient equipment and facility to run all of these works.
The other key element to success is to keep good scientists and researchers. Chiome hires and employs professional people with science and highly developed skills. Also we make efforts to keep our science and technology level high through collaboration with organization and expert people.

  • タンパク質調製Preparation of Recombinant proteins
    • 発現培養


    • Recombinant proteins

      組み換えタンパクRecombinant proteins

    • Membrane proteins

      膜タンパクMembrane proteins

    • 精製


  • 抗体作製mAb Generation Platform
    • ADLib®システム


    • 動物免疫タンパク質・細胞・DNA

      動物免疫タンパク質・細胞・DNAAnimal immjunization

    • B cell cloning

      B cell cloningB cell cloning

    • ハイブリドーマ


  • 抗体エンジニアリングmAb Engineering
    • 親和性向上

      親和性向上Affinity maturation

    • 抗体評価機能・親和性・物性

      抗体評価機能・親和性・物性Functional evaluation

    • 多価抗体作製

      多価抗体作製Multi-specific antibody

    • 試験用抗体生産

      試験用抗体生産Lab-scale mAb production

抗体作製技術Antibody Generation Technologies

  • ADLib®システム ADLib®System


    ・ヒトライブラリを用いた場合、ヒト化の工程を経ずにヒト抗体を取得することができる The ADLib®system features superior speed to conventional methods and the ability to obtain antibodies that were difficult to obtain by conventional methods.

    ・ 動物免疫(*1)が不要なので、抗体取得にかかる時間が短縮できる In the ADLib® system, genetic recombination is activated in antibodies of DT40 cells to increase the diversity of the antibody protein. (DT40 cells are a cell line prepared from chicken cells.)

    ・ 抗体ライブラリ(*2)の多様性を自律的に高めることができる Specific antibodies are then caught like fish with magnetic beads coated with a particular type of antigen.

    ・ 動物免疫と異なり、自己抗原への免疫寛容(*3)の影響を受けないため、理論的にはあらゆる配列のタンパク質を認識する抗体が取得できる可能性がある Chiome Bioscience holds the exclusive license to this technology developed by RIKEN.

    詳しくはこちらLearn more

  • ハイブリドーマ法Hybridoma


    ・ 動物免疫による抗体作製法で、最もよく用いられる The most common method for producing monoclonal antibodies.

    ・ 手法が確立されており、医薬品化された実績も多い There are many achievements that antibodies obtained by the hybridoma method became pharmaceutical products.

    ・ ヒト抗体産生動物を用いた場合、ヒト化の工程を経ずにヒト抗体を取得することができる Since animals are used, there are limitations to the amount of antigens that can be used and the range of antigens to which the technique can be applied.

  • B cell cloningB cell cloning


    ・ 動物免疫を行った後、ハイブリドーマを作製せずに抗体の配列を決定するため、ハイブリドーマ法より短期間で目的の抗体を得ることができる After animal immunization, the sequence of the antibody is determined without preparing the hybridoma, so that the target antibody can be generated in a shorter time than the hybridoma method.

    ・ 抗原特異的なB細胞(*4)の検出率がハイブリドーマ法よりも高く、取りこぼしが少ない The detection rate of antigen-specific B cells is higher than that of hybridoma method, and the abandon rate is lower.

    ・ ヒト抗体産生動物を用いた場合、ヒト化の工程を経ずにヒト抗体を取得することができる

技術に関する主要特許 Patents related to our technologies

関連 Related to 発明の名称Name of invention 出願人Applicant/Assignee 登録状況Patent status
system platform technoogy
体細胞相同組換え*の促進方法及び特異的抗体*の作製方法 Method of promoting homologous recombination of somatic cells and methods of constructing specific ntibody. (国)理化学研究所、当社 RIKEN and Chiome Bioscience 日本、米国、欧州、中国で成立 Granted in Japan, U.S., Europe, China
体細胞相同組換え*の促進方法及び特異的抗体*の作製方法 Method of inducing homologous recombination of somatic cells. (国)理化学研究所、当社 RIKEN and Chiome Bioscience 日本、米国、欧州、中国で成立 Granted in Japan, U.S., Europe, China
ヒトADLib®システム Human ADLib®system ヒト抗体を産生する細胞 Human antibody-procuding cells. 当社 Chiome Biscience 日本、米国、欧州、中国で出願中 Pending Japan, U.S., Europe, China