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By utilizing the ADLib® system, which incorporates our proprietary antibody generation technologies, we have been providing antibody generation services to domestic and overseas universities, research institutions, as well as pharmaceutical companies. We also provide recombinant protein preparation services on contract basis with pharmaceutical companies.We are constantly working on introducing new technologies, expanding our services, and actively developing technical skills to strengthen our response to customer requests.

抗原・抗体などのタンパク質の発現精製Protein expression and purification

抗体作製に必要な組換えタンパク質(抗原)や、研究開発用途の抗体などを細胞に発現させ、精製を行います。種類に応じた発現・精製方法を選び、純度や物性の分析を行います。 Utilization of multiple platforms for expression of recombinant proteins (antigens) and antibodies. Our protein production capabilities include endotoxin-free plasmid isolation, transient mammalian cell expression and fully customizable purification service for isolation of recombinant and native proteins. Protein analytics are also available under our protein production service.

安定発現細胞株作製Stable cell line development

安定的に組換えタンパク質(抗原や抗体)を供給できるように、遺伝子組換え技術を用いて、組換えタンパク質を効率よく発現する細胞株を作製します。 Comprehensive stable cell line generation services for recombinant protein and antibody production.

ADLib®システムによる抗体作製Antibody generation using the ADLib® system


The ADLib® system, Chiome's unique technology for generating monoclonal antibodies, is used to generate antibodies for drug discovery research. We use our knowledge and know-how in therapeutic antibody discovery to propose a plan that meets customer needs.

Our antibody generation and other services are provided on an individual request basis and may also be undertaken in the form of a comprehensive contract or a contract or joint research project that secures certain research resources.

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